Working With Martyn



Jamie Reynolds, CEO, Cordant Group

Martyn is a inspirational L&D practitioner. Martyn naturally enthuses teams and creates environments for learning to flourish. Martyn is joy to work with and a very talented man.

Toby Nelson, Head of Partnerships Delivery, Rota

I worked with Martyn at Cordant and can honestly say I’ve never worked with a more talented, engaging and inspiring L&D professional. He makes time for all delegates and colleagues so he can build strong relationships whilst taking a genuine interest in others and tailors his training approach to suit any type of environment. With very little feedback from an operations perspective he is able to create outstanding training content to enable teams to better themselves and therefore benefit businesses and clients. A genuinely interesting, funny and great guy that will be a huge asset wherever he is!

Richard Passmore, Team Manager, Northamptonshire NHS Healthcare Foundation Trust

Martyn is a progressive thinking trainer who doesn't shy away from a challenge. His creativity and application to training design makes him stand out as passionate about the role he undertakes and as someone who is prepared to "go that extra mile" to make learning meaningful for those who will be on the receiving end.

Jayne Holmes, Account Director, PMP Recruitment

Martyn has provided many training courses for me and my team for the past few years, he is the ultimate professional, inspiring and commands a training room like no other trainer I've worked with. His innovation in designing engaging and informative training sessions is second to none. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Martyn.

Adam Stirling, Director, Stirling People Solutions

Martyn is one of the most engaging L&D professionals that I have had the pleasure of working with. He studies his craft and looks at it from a technical angle and how to tailor his approach to different demographics, rather than the "when I used to do it" that we are all so used to. Martyn will likely agree, I’m not a natural student. I take some engaging! He has an ability to control the room regardless of how senior the delegates are attending the course. What I found very refreshing was the follow up. How many of us attend a course, take the parts we liked and then go back to our old ways? But the interaction in the coming weeks after the course ensured that the content was being implemented and improving the way we work.

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